Friday, April 21, 2017

Seoul: The Wasp Waist Wins at Pushbutton FW17 Show

Opening Look (Credit:

KOREA—The fact that the Pushbutton FW17 show opens and closes with a womanly wasp waist and pants means something: a woman flaunts her curves and wears the pants.

The opening model wears a gray T-shaped dress shirt shaped like a kimono. The shirt’s hem tucks into periwinkle blue pants that feature a peplum. The duo of hems creates a wasp waist. The model looks intelligent with her aviator eyeglasses on her way to work to maybe engage in Working Girl officepolitics. Is she the Sigourney Weaver boss or Melanie Griffith ambitious underling?

Closing Look:  (Credit:

The silhouette appears as sexy and demure in two separate looks. There’s the sexy off-the-shoulder coat with boning that gives it the effect of an 18th Century dress. A model wears a Dorothy Gale-worthy sepia gingham cocoon jacket and looks like she should be holding a basket of baguettes. The asymmetrical styling of the gloves gives the outfit a whiff of weird.

The closing look is of a woman wears creased pants and wasp waist like the opening model.  Unlike the bespectacled opening model, this woman is dressed like a movie queen incognito trying to avoid the paparazzi. The gym bag and hoodie point to an athletic, street-smart woman. Surprisingly, I thought the hoodie was a hijab from a distance. (A hijab is a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women).

It’s time to embrace the wasp waist, and it’s never looked fresher than it does at Pushbutton FW17.

18th Century-style  (Credit:

Wholesome Gingham  (Credit:

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