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Editor Shows Writing Skill in Gigi Hadid Vogue US Editorial

Flower of the Flock (Credit:

Fashion editors don’t get enough credit for the writing within their fashion editorials.

Starring Gigi Hadid and some of the best New York Stage actors, the fashion story “Craft Culture,” in the April 2017 issue of American Vogue, showcases the visual eye and writing skill of fashion editor Tabitha Simmons.

In the editorial’s intro, Tabitha sums up the theme of the piece in three words: “homespun and Haute,” as in “perfect balance between homespun and Haute.” The blurbs in the bottom right corner of each photo describe the images in a way to get a reaction out of the reader.

In one photo titled “It’s the Little Things,” Gigi pivots her hips to one side accentuating the drop waist of her 1920s-inspired Giorgio Armani dress. Tabitha’s text mentions, “livening things with a shimmy shake” instantly steering the mind to flappers dancing the Charleston or stage actors dancing.

Most of the blurbs use words that tie into rural life, romance, military and royals.

Gigi wears an Alexander McQueen coat embroidered in floral accompanied by the words “Coat of Arms” and “feminine glory.” Get ready to kick butt in the Alexander McQueen boots that resemble the 2002 Manolo Blahnik Timberland-style boots.    

Coat of Arms (Credit:
The words “Double Feature” and “his and her dressing” make you want to fall in love, driven home by an image of Gigi and actor André hugged up in Chanel couture.

Romance continues in the photo of Gigi and Lucas Hedges posed in Fendi as if they’re getting married at City Hall. The couple doesn’t look rich, even though they’re wearing Fendi, which is a testament to Tabitha’s styling and Patrick Demarchelier’s photography. The authenticity is so tight that Norman Rockwell would paint this couple in a New York minute.

Tabitha also taps into the reader’s love for fairytales and royalty. She evokes princes by using the play on words “Prints Charming” and visually aides it with Fthe Dior tulle princess skirt. She keeps things modern with Tory Burch slide sandals.

Prints Charming (Credit:

One of the last photos is a showcase for Americana, as well Marc Jacobs SS17 pieces. The white fur stole and pussy bow evoke Old Hollywood glamour (think Joan Crawford). The satin bomber jacket signals America’s obsession with sports. Note the title “Detail Work” and its implication of America’s love for cars. The big turquoise ring solidifies the America-in-the-Seventies influence.

Creating text for fashion editorials is an art as much as the visuals, and Tabitha Simmons has a way with words. Next time you pick up a American Vogue, pay attention

Detail Work (Credit:

It's the Little Things (Credit:


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