Monday, April 10, 2017

Seoul FW17: Cres E. Dim’s Urban Warrior

Gardening Tools  (Photo:

The Cres E. Dim Fall 2017 collection showcases the urban warrior with softness sprinkled around.

The aviator sunglasses and Doc Martens rumble with militant toughness, while the baseball caps, sweatshirts and nameplate chains are athletic and very hip-hop.

The softness shows up in the form of whimsical images from childhood including the schoolgirl skirts and the plush fabric of the hats and pumps. The nameplate chains also speak to the gaudiness associated with childhood.

A certain shade of yellow pervades the Cres E.Dim collection. The shade evokes Chick-fil-A sauce as well McDonald’s thanks to red piping. This commercialism is characteristic of hip-hop and childhood products, whether it be cartoon characters or a favorite fast food restaurant.

Chick-fil-A yellow (Photo:

The garden tools that the models carry are at first humorous, but then when considered with the words spelled out on the nameplate chains (“No More Candlelight” and “Call for Peace”), the message is clear: these models are portraying grassroots rebels.

These urban warriors are tough that think with their heads and hearts.

Mountainous Sloped Silhouette (Photo:

Nameplate chain necklace (Photo:

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