Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: fashion story for REDMILK MAGAZINE


Luca Galasso tells the story of a teenage girl who owns a killer style and wants to unleash it on the world. Will she do it? 

 A young girl (model Shaughnessy Brown) wears a t-shirt and acid-wash mom jeans that look handed-down or vintage, which means her family gave them to her or she got them for cheap at a thrift store. The floral embroidered sheer socks are romantic, while the shoes are chunky low-heel shoes from the 1930s. The delicate socks are a contrast with the rusted mailbox with tenant compartments. 

 The jeans ground the floral tank dress. She’s a street girl with dreams of fame and fortune, and if she makes it, she won’t forget her roots a la Jennifer Lopez. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

 The silhouette of the white midi skirt is like Cinderella’s dress with the apron when she was a servant in her own house. She mixes a sexy lace tank on one shoulder with Coca-Cola logo t-shirt associated with adolescents.

 She mixes gingham with tie-dye rolled up sleeves.

 She wears an orange spaghetti-strap dress over a graphic shirt that tames the sexiness of the dress. She wears her sheer socks without shoes rubbing her sock feet in sand. The plastic shopping bag acts as a makeshift handbag. She can dream, can’t she? Note how the color of the dress matches the orange she holds.

 The sheer socks are shown making contact with the hard concrete.

 The lace-trimmed bustier is worn over another graphic t-shirt with a suede pencil skirt. The red house slippers are her version of Dorothy’s ruby slippers; she’s Dorothy living in Brooklyn. Again, the plastic shopping bag becomes her go-to accessory with a fashion magazine inside. She’s dreaming of taking a trip somewhere over the rainbow. If she just closes her eyes and clicks her heels…


Photographer: Chris White
Stylist: Luca Galasso
Model: Shaughnessy Brown @Next
Hair: Ezio Diaferia @Close up using Tecni Art L’Oreal
Make up: Luca Cianciolo @Close up using MAC Cosmetics

Friday, November 6, 2015

Be what you want to be in 'Hollywood Horror" fashion editorial

Halloween has been over for almost a full week, but I discovered this horror-themed editorial that will creep you out and turn you on; it’s pleasure and pain at its best. Styled by the talented Luca Galasso for V Magazine, the spread is about what Halloween is about: free to be outrageous for one special night of the year. The men and women in these photos want to be dominated, tasted, invisible, befriended and terrifying, all while selling the clothing with style. Galasso mixes romantic brands like Gucci and CĂ©line mix with the avant-garde of J.W. Anderson and Alexander Wang to create penetrating color schemes of reds, blues and greens with a particularly creative use of red that resembles blood. The editorial’s heavy use of vinyl, astrakhan fur, and leather and restraint belts speaks to a person’s desire to be stifled, literally and figuratively. Pictures courtesy of TRENCH COAT Contrary to popular belief, black and blue go together. Appreciate this trench coat for its finish that looks like it was brushed with fresh paint and perfect for going incognito. SHINY FINISHES The shine of the coatdress and shirt resembles the foil used to wrap pointsiettas at Christmas time; the leather harness gives a middle finger to that holiday spirit. FUR AND FEATHERS Astrakhan fur and feathers are perfect for those with dirty minds on Halloween. Can you imagine the feather and fur tickling the skin? BOLD RED SKIRTS Powerful silhouettes and cold-blooded texture come in the form of these bold red skirts and coats of python and croc. There’s a June Cleaver quality to the A-line skirt and a playfulness to the skirt shaped like an upside down tulip. THIGH-HIGH BOOTS Leather studded thigh-high boots are a play on a Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman boots and a nod to BSDM culture. In the spirit of Halloween, a red collar simulates blood spilling from the neck. MESH & FISHNETS Fishnets and mesh say, “look but don’t touch” and evoke cages and fish scales.
ROSES & RED A quaint floral Alexander McQueen dress transforms into a puffy comforter when put under plastic. The printed roses resemble crumbled pieces of paper making it clear this woman was thrown out with the trash. Red Prada Mary Jane heels pop out like the ruby slippers found on the feet of the dead Wicked Witch of the East.
A TOUCH OF RED A red belt attached to a zipper is a stripe of bloody terror.
RAINCOATS Recall the movies The Matrix and Don’t Look Now in these shiny raincoats.
INSIDE-OUT COATS This look is warlock high fashion and another example of how wearing coats inside out creates a whole new piece.
SLEEVELESS SHEATHS These little black dresses are the witchy sexy kind. A coven never looked so good opting for tweed checkerboard patterns and restraint strap details.
PLATFORM BOOTS The platform boots instantly take me back to the days when the Spice Girls ruled the world; the dyed fox fur coat is pure Scary Spice.