Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: fashion story for REDMILK MAGAZINE


Luca Galasso tells the story of a teenage girl who owns a killer style and wants to unleash it on the world. Will she do it? 

 A young girl (model Shaughnessy Brown) wears a t-shirt and acid-wash mom jeans that look handed-down or vintage, which means her family gave them to her or she got them for cheap at a thrift store. The floral embroidered sheer socks are romantic, while the shoes are chunky low-heel shoes from the 1930s. The delicate socks are a contrast with the rusted mailbox with tenant compartments. 

 The jeans ground the floral tank dress. She’s a street girl with dreams of fame and fortune, and if she makes it, she won’t forget her roots a la Jennifer Lopez. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

 The silhouette of the white midi skirt is like Cinderella’s dress with the apron when she was a servant in her own house. She mixes a sexy lace tank on one shoulder with Coca-Cola logo t-shirt associated with adolescents.

 She mixes gingham with tie-dye rolled up sleeves.

 She wears an orange spaghetti-strap dress over a graphic shirt that tames the sexiness of the dress. She wears her sheer socks without shoes rubbing her sock feet in sand. The plastic shopping bag acts as a makeshift handbag. She can dream, can’t she? Note how the color of the dress matches the orange she holds.

 The sheer socks are shown making contact with the hard concrete.

 The lace-trimmed bustier is worn over another graphic t-shirt with a suede pencil skirt. The red house slippers are her version of Dorothy’s ruby slippers; she’s Dorothy living in Brooklyn. Again, the plastic shopping bag becomes her go-to accessory with a fashion magazine inside. She’s dreaming of taking a trip somewhere over the rainbow. If she just closes her eyes and clicks her heels…


Photographer: Chris White
Stylist: Luca Galasso
Model: Shaughnessy Brown @Next
Hair: Ezio Diaferia @Close up using Tecni Art L’Oreal
Make up: Luca Cianciolo @Close up using MAC Cosmetics

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