Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Versace Spring 2018 menswear: Silk shirts & Asymmetry

Photos courtesy of Vogue.com

Great model. Erik van Gils. That German face (although he's Dutch). The one-sided sweater is sexy and Flash Dance-y, but there's a twist: the iconic Versace silk shirt from the 90s is worn underneath.

Those legs! Those are soccer player legs. Those sneakers look good with shorts or pants. 

This is a model to watch. Hiandra Martinez is her name. She looks so good in that Brigitte Bardot headband. She's resembles a young Veronica Webb.

That half sweater piece will enliven any office. It's professional yet edgy. Boss bitch. 

Look closely at those shoulders. They're pure 80s and I like seeing it on a man. It's retro, yet futuristic. The broadness of the shoulders is strong. 

Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Spring 2018 Brings Geishas & Orange Slices

Photos courtesy of Vogue.com

The guy looks fly. He looks tough with that neck tattoo. A bomber jacket with a geisha on it is a winner in my book. 

I like those pointy oxfords, but the main reason I like this photo is the model. He's hot. His hair, face, and earring look like they came straight from Beverly Hills, 90210.

The patchwork embroidery of the images is just like Veronica Sawyer's blazer in the opening scene of  the film Heathers. There's a geisha and hearts and the abbreviation for Florida?! The sweater is loud and heated, yet the James Dean pompadour and sunglasses are cool as iced tea.

I need a polo shirt that has a print pattern of the inside and outside of an orange. Anyone thirsty for orange juice? I also love the model Jordy Gerritsma. He's on his way to becoming a supermodel. 

The slippers look so good with the pants hanging over them. I also love the way the crown is placed on his fro. 

The shirt is like Harvey Dent's face. Two-Faced!

I want those sneakers! The print looks like something you'd see in a Petri dish under a microscope. It's contagious.

The double-breasted pinstripe suit is classic and it's back. Whether you're thick or thin, you'll look good. Alfred Hitchcock wore these and looked put together. I'd wear oxfords with this instead of slippers.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Fendi Menswear SS 2018 brings the nerdy, sexy and sporty

Photos courtesy of Vogue.com

The incredibly high waist is nerdy. The glasses are a riff on that nerdiness, but they're so chic. As is that jacket that's twisted and asymmetrical. It's very structural, sophisticated and commanding. 

The suspenders are so Gordon Gekko from Wall Street. There's a sense of the 80s-90s corporate boss. The see-through plaid shirt-jacket is intriguing and sexy.

The shades are the glue that keeps this look together. I'm loving the way the frames drop down low. The color block bomber looks like a windbreaker from the 80s and 90s. I can't help but think of Hester from Scream Queens

Femininity is the first thing that springs to mind. Just look at that thin watch. I also think of Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator walking along the golf course. 

The oversized jacket makes the model look like a boy. Again, I think of the 80s and 90s because the jacket resembles a windbreaker from those two decades.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Toughness in Carolina Herrera Resort 2018

Jess PW is tough in Carolina Herrera Resort 2018 Lookbook 

The body language, the pulled-back hair and black-and-white all convey toughness. The hands in the pockets, the pulled-back hair and the stone face all could belong to a tough female cop. Then there are the delicate floral appliqu├ęs the bow sash on the shorts that symbolize softness.

The model Jess PW has one of those faces that makes you stop in your tracks. Her face has as throwback quality because I always think of Julia Stiles in her late 90s, early 2000s teen queen reign.

In the Carolina Herrera Resort 2018 lookbook, the setting looks like Italy on one of those side street steps.

The Best Look from Altuzarra Resort 2018

Joseph Altuzarra is a Paris-born designer whose mother is Chinese-American and his father French Basque. 

Photographed by Bruno Staub, the setting for the Altuzarra Resort 2018 lookbook is the familiar corporate office. The other photos feature women inside cubicles and conference rooms, but the collection's best look is inside a lunch room. Or what looks to be a lunch room.

The outfit's preppy influences exist in the sweater and the saddle shoes, but Joseph Altuzarra subverts them: he adds a bustle to the sweater and turns the saddle shoes into slides. The sexiness lies within the lace under layer and the signature Altuzarra slit of the skirt. The model's bed hair is perfectly grunge-y, which goes along with her annoyed facial expression.

It's nice to see an Asian model featured heavily in the lookbook. Her name is Sijia Kang from China. Also, you gotta love those Princeton University colors. I hope the model enjoys her lunch. Let's hope there's not a line to use the microwave.

Jonathan Simkai Resort 2018


Jonathan Simkai is a New York-based designer.

The laces through the grommets and the harness belt scream dominatrix, but the denim and boots evoke the cowgirl. Then there's that Hilary Banks hair. In fact, I can see Hilary Banks rocking this outfit on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. There's a Mona Lisa-like amusement to her facial expression.

The brunette model looked directly at the camera with somber eyes. The jacket's wasp waist and cocoon sleeves suggested rigidity. The pulled-back hair belongs to a school mistress, but the color of the clothing is pure summer.