Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Versace Spring 2018 menswear: Silk shirts & Asymmetry

Photos courtesy of Vogue.com

Great model. Erik van Gils. That German face (although he's Dutch). The one-sided sweater is sexy and Flash Dance-y, but there's a twist: the iconic Versace silk shirt from the 90s is worn underneath.

Those legs! Those are soccer player legs. Those sneakers look good with shorts or pants. 

This is a model to watch. Hiandra Martinez is her name. She looks so good in that Brigitte Bardot headband. She's resembles a young Veronica Webb.

That half sweater piece will enliven any office. It's professional yet edgy. Boss bitch. 

Look closely at those shoulders. They're pure 80s and I like seeing it on a man. It's retro, yet futuristic. The broadness of the shoulders is strong. 

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