Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tbilisi: Bessarion FW17 mixes high & low fashion

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Privilege. The waist sash evokes a precious, rich girl. The expected pastel is done in black instead.

TBILISI, GEORGIA (on Asian continent)- The best outfits at the Bessarion Fall 2017 show were a mix of working class and upper class styles.

Georgian designer Bessarion Razmadze has been called the "Alexander Wang of Tbilisi."

The show was held in early May 2017 in the underground garage of Tbilisi's Rooms Hotel.

The marriage of high and low fashion made the models look like women with one foot in high society and one foot in the street.

Models wore waist-bow dresses with trucker hats, as well overalls with luxurious jackets.

Auto Shop. The coveralls, grease and gunmetal gray.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Japan: Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018

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Soldier. Vibrant camo suit. Those ass-kicking boots.

The show was held in Kyoto, Japan in mid May 2017. Nicolas Ghesquière's designs were inspired by soldiers, Victorian ladies and strong New York City women.

Lieberman. Elaine, that is, the New Yorker from the film One Fine Day. Leopard fur jacket

Peacock. Shimmery coat. 

Captivity. Leopard coat and chain strap.

Marcia. The prettiest sister in a 70s biker jacket with surprising sleeves.

Mosaic. Resembles mixed paints. Camo suit.

Pinstripes. Sigourney Weaver's Wall Street boss lady in Working Girl would wear this shapely jacket.

Victorian. Thicker stripes recall Victorian wallpaper & dresses. 

Clouds. Colorful clouds enliven a Victorian tea dress. Tea time!

Trees. Metallic gold & black toile on shirt & skirt.

Sea Foam. The color & shape of the sleeves are everything.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Los Angeles: Dior Cruise 2018

Brocade. Sleeves curved like pottery on a sexy duster. 

Winter white. White hat, white dress, white-blond hair.

Golden. Golden hair & golden dress.

Fringe. A sweater never looked so dramatic.

Full. Voluminous dress & embroidered duster.

Guns. The vest shows off those arms.

Cupid. The God of Love times 2 on sweater vest. 

Streaks. Lit black dress.

Butterworth. The silhouette & butterscotch duster.

Rose-colored. Janis Joplin gear.

Hot Fuzz. Those pointy ballet flats.

Best of Berlin Fashion Week 2017


Beetlejuice. Lydia Deetz's schoolgirl uniform. 

Evening. The Little Black Dress goes Goth.


Popped. Sculptural collar on cream coat.

Lightbulb. The cocoon silhouette on a man.

Berlin Fashion Week: Dorothee Schumacher Fall 2017

Karate. A blue pantsuit.


Criss-cross. A black dress.

Morning News. That female anchor shoulder.

Ivy. Black & white suit.
Fifties. Those polka dots & that skirt.

Squash. Asymmetrical sleeves.

Pollen. Astrakhan coat.

Garden. Plum chiffon suit.
Backwards. Checked jacket

Paintbrush. Portrait neck coat.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Karl Lagerfeld Brings Big Ideas with Chanel Resort 2018

Mica Arganaraz walks  (Credit:

The Chanel Resort 2018 collection gives me visions of pottery, oily snacks and Jacqueline Onassis.

The overall collection is bland and typical of what Karl Lagerfeld has designed before, but the outfits that work are bold and innovative.

The models wear accessories that are meant to make them look like Grecian goddesses regardless of the outfit. The chokers, the thin headbands and the gladiator sandals frame the outfits and point to the Grecian theme.

Cara Taylor walks (Credit:

Top model Cara Taylor wears a striking shirtdress with that convenient naval-inspired drawstring. The horizontal stripes of terracotta brown, black and gold are rich.

Seashells & Potato Ruffles (Credit:
The tiered ruffles of this dress resemble seashells and ruffled potato chips. The inclusion of dark tweed fabric evokes the classic Chanel suit, which begs the question: is this a dress or a suit?  It’s hard to tell.

In a moment of simplicity, Chanel muse Mica Arganaraz wears the collection’s subtly bold outfit. She wears—gasp!—sweater and jeans, but with a gilded leaf appliqués. The simple outfit and big glamorous sunglasses evokes former First Lady Jacqueline Onassis in her 1970s period. The clutch indicates Mica is headed to a party.

There are many ideas to take away from the collection. The gladiator sandals can be worn with cropped jeans, shorts or a skirt. Women can take advantage of open-necklines like wearing chokers with sweaters.

Poncho-like coat (Credit: