Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tbilisi: Bessarion FW17 mixes high & low fashion

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Privilege. The waist sash evokes a precious, rich girl. The expected pastel is done in black instead.

TBILISI, GEORGIA (on Asian continent)- The best outfits at the Bessarion Fall 2017 show were a mix of working class and upper class styles.

Georgian designer Bessarion Razmadze has been called the "Alexander Wang of Tbilisi."

The show was held in early May 2017 in the underground garage of Tbilisi's Rooms Hotel.

The marriage of high and low fashion made the models look like women with one foot in high society and one foot in the street.

Models wore waist-bow dresses with trucker hats, as well overalls with luxurious jackets.

Auto Shop. The coveralls, grease and gunmetal gray.

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