Monday, May 15, 2017

Japan: Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018

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Soldier. Vibrant camo suit. Those ass-kicking boots.

The show was held in Kyoto, Japan in mid May 2017. Nicolas Ghesquière's designs were inspired by soldiers, Victorian ladies and strong New York City women.

Lieberman. Elaine, that is, the New Yorker from the film One Fine Day. Leopard fur jacket

Peacock. Shimmery coat. 

Captivity. Leopard coat and chain strap.

Marcia. The prettiest sister in a 70s biker jacket with surprising sleeves.

Mosaic. Resembles mixed paints. Camo suit.

Pinstripes. Sigourney Weaver's Wall Street boss lady in Working Girl would wear this shapely jacket.

Victorian. Thicker stripes recall Victorian wallpaper & dresses. 

Clouds. Colorful clouds enliven a Victorian tea dress. Tea time!

Trees. Metallic gold & black toile on shirt & skirt.

Sea Foam. The color & shape of the sleeves are everything.

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