Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Michael Kors ad is Pretty, Pink & Pleated Seventies Style!

In a New York Times newspaper, this photo of pink jumped out at me. Like getting sucked into Barbie's Dream House. This must be how Nicki Minaj feels. That floral shirt is pink, peasant and pleated. Unbuttoned so that she sports a plunging neckline circa 1978. Think of Amy Adams's perky breast necklines in American Hustle. Even the satchel wrapped across her body feels seventies, as do the pink suede pants that I imagine are bell bottoms. Hmm, I guess I'll never know. The smoothness of the purse is classic "It bag." It looks like the smooth shell of a Valentine's Day M&M. Is there chocolate inside? The woman's bushy eyebrows are pure Brooke Shields. Dark roots and sun-kissed hair blowing  in a warm wind, hair pulled back Grace Kelly-style. The ad is supposed to sell the purse, but forget the purse!

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