Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Calvin Klein Eyewear ad Full of Rich girl Moodiness

This is pure Ice Queen fierceness. The light brown hair, a bit stringy (probably blond as a child). Hair pulled back in a bun. A bun head, perhaps. That long swan lake neck. Then there's the porcelain vampire skin. Her face gives me Uma Thurman, but who knows what lies behind those broken sunglasses she wears. The ad is selling Calvin Klein eyewear, sunglasses with chunks of the frame missing. There's something almost glam-rock about them, yet Gothic. From what I can see from the edges of the photo, she looks to be wearing a black fuzzy sweater; add a black choker with an iced-out buckle and you'd get something Amber would have rocked in Clueless. But that black fuzz is more likely a big black coat worn like a classic fur coat. Rich bitch all the way. Moody and cold like Audrey Hepburn wearing big sunglasses in the library giving George Peppard the cold shoulder. 

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