Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Maartje Verhoef’s More Than a Model, She’s Protection

Maartje Verhoef(center) in American Vogue 

Calmness is a quality seen in CEO’S, presidents, mothers and royalty. When a person has this quality, people feel like everything will be all right because this person will protect them. Calmness is the key to fashion model Maartje Verhoef’s success. 

I was flipping through the pages of a 2015 issue of New York Magazine and a Prada
ad featured Verhoef with a Prada purse hanging from the crook of her arm like if Regina George wore business casualwear. She stood in the middle of two girls as one of them looked at her for guidance.  I turned the page and there was Maartje Verhoef in a Valentino ad again appearing with two other female models and again slaying them with her superiority. All I can say is Mother Maartje! 

She’s only 20 years old, yet the Dutch beauty has quietly become one of the highest-paid models. She’s opened and closed for almost every major designer and she’s had seasons where she walked the most shows out of any model. Clearly top designers like Miuccia Prada saw how she effortlessly exudes wealth, which sells the clothes perfectly. 

In a word, Maartje Verhoef is a boss. Her knack for exuding effortless confidence must be more than acting. I think she lives her life like a boss who cares for her family and friends instead of always being cared for. I call that having maternal instincts. Even Anna Wintour has noticed Verhoef’s appeal since she featured her frequently in the pages of American Vogue. A shrewd businesswoman like Wintour knows that her female readers will feel the strong presence of a model like Verhoef and model themselves after her, no pun intended. Of course, women have been doing this for years. It’s why the fashion industry is a billion dollar industry. 

This might sound like hyperbole, but CEO’s, mothers and royalty read fashion magazines and there’s a good chance they’ve seen Maartje and thought, “I want to go out and buy that Valentino dress because that model looks the way I want to look and the way that I want to feel.” 

No wonder Maartje is ranked as one of the “Money” girls on 

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