Sunday, March 5, 2017

Paris: Céline Fall/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear

Céline Fall/Winter 2017 in Paris

Look1: According to the beige trench and scarf, it’s Cookie Time, to use that catchphrase from the cult film Troop Beverly Hills.

Look10: The model resembles a young Carine Roitfeld. The influential French fashion editor is present in that face and those pointy boots. She looks like she’s wearing someone else’s clothes. 
Look17: Britney Spears the Ring Leader (Circus) The coat and militant boots point to this. Crack that whip!

Look18: An angsty high schooler with Dakota Johnson’s face. The map motif is wonderful.

Look19: She’s a Western Woman in the leather midi skirt and over-the-knee boots.

Look26: Grace Kelly dyes her hair black.

Look36: Ballerina in rehearsal. Those arm bands and bust exudes elegance and athleticism.

Look40: Italian woman cooks spaghetti in the kitchen, but also wears sharp menswear pieces. The fringe apron and overcoat speak to this.  

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