Monday, October 19, 2015

Top 10 looks from Dries Van Noten SS16

The Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2016 collection offers a provocative 1940s style that women can wear while balancing their family and social lives.

The women present in the Dries Van Noten SS 2016 runway show during Paris Fashion Week are mothers and socialites; they’re Kris Jenners without the fame. The cat eye sunglasses and victory roll hairstyles portray these women in a 1940s style reminiscent of the iconic femme fatales Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford used to play. At times these women are soccer moms and at others they’re femme fatales. They’re also matriarchs who care deeply about their family and friends. The mood of the clothing is lively, full of tropical leaf patterns and sparkles, as well as luxurious silks and tulles. The Dries Van Noten SS 2016 collection contains the makings of a wardrobe for women trying to live their fullest life, balancing their family and social lives. Take a look at the best of the Dries Van Noten collection on our top 10 pieces.

  10. A loose blazer hangs with effortless bravado conjuring images of Katharine Hepburn destroying gender norms with her androgynous style. Throw on a blazer with a gown and you’ll look innovative. Watch your kid in the school play in a dress with a relaxed jacket and then take the family home in time for a dinner party hosted at your house.
9. The purples and pinks of the sweater are a cheery childhood flashback, while the Depression-era brown pants are a dose of reality. The model keeps her hands in her pockets like Fred MacMurray walking on a Los Angeles street in Double Indemnity in deep thought about a double cross.
8. When you mash feminine and masculine elements together, they become more distinct and compliment each other. The sparkly bra gives this outfit a daredevil quality perfect for attending fashion shows or a trip to the mall (maybe without the bra). The Mr. Darcy coat is dapper Victorianism that will make you look extremely capable.
7. As much as those shoulders scream 1940s era Joan Crawford, the dress flows into a geisha silhouette. The tropical leaf patterns are lively and can be worn to a dinner party or even to church. It’s such a down to earth dress.
6. In a great outfit for plotting a double cross Double Indemnity-style, a bold patterned suit with opera gloves will make you feel independent and in control of your destiny.
5. The languidness of pajamas defines this electric purple coat making it perfect for a day of shopping at the mall while the kids are at school. A seemingly everyday trip to the mall is time to soul search about a career in fashion that seems so far out of her reach.
4. This shirtdress immediately brings to mind Grace Kelly’s Paris dress in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954). The brocade and obi belt are Asian influences that recall birds and fish evident in the tulle overlay cut in folds resembling fish scales and plumage. Wear this to any fancy event, from the dinner party to a Broadway play.
3. The model wears a perfect coat for sleuthing that Harriet the Spy would wear as an adult detective. The sheer tulle turns the Columbo coat into something sacred and feminine.
2. The masculine and feminine styles converge again in this outfit that recalls ‘90s R&B divas like TLC and Aaliyah who mixed gender styles. The staples of this ‘90s look are the midriff bustier and baggy pants. While you go to the tailgate at the NFL game, wear a loose blazer over the above outfit; when you go to the sports bar after the game, show off your provocative outfit.
1. Festive tights and a boho duster subvert the utilitarianism of gray plaid and sturdy denim, but what takes the cake is that the model looks like she’s wearing Ariel’s seashell bra underneath her top. This is perfect for taking kids to a play date or to a date night at an art gallery in the city.

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