Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Good Wife's 'Dark Money' is all about tweed and green

Alicia in red-and-black plaid suit

Episode 13 of The Good Wife called “Dark Money” features its leading ladies in some green and lots and lots of tweed.

Alicia Florrick and Diane Lockhart are two sides of the same coin on many levels, but especially their fashion sense. They’re conservative dressers overall, but they wear their tasteful suits like gazelles, managing to glide through space.

Alicia begins the episode in a tweed red and black-stenciled plaid skirt suit with black tights are undeniably preppy, but those towering Louboutin pumps give her an Amazonian edge. Think of this as her Clueless outfit.

Diane stays decked out in tweed suits including a suit skirt with a cropped jacket, but throws in a red satin blazer to keep things fresh.

Just as Alicia is influenced by Diane’s style, Eli Gold’s daughter Marissa has started to wear body-con dresses and tights, like the embroidered paisley red and black dress she wears with black tights and heels; it’s a sophisticated look that’s less severe than a suit. Interestingly, Marissa’ s body-con dresses are worn when she’s chatting with Colin Sweeney’s wife Renata who stays wrapped in body-con dresses with ruched bodices and see-through chiffons.

Kalinda’s obsessed with evergreen in this episode possibly because she’s in an unfamiliar situation with Lamont Bishop: escorting Lamont’s son to school and coming into his house, which is sort of like playing house since there is no mom in the picture. The color green is applied to Kalinda’s usual shapes of body-con dresses and asymmetric lines that reflect her contradictions.  Her various moto-jackets and trench coats are her version of noir, which reflect her mysteriousness. 

There’s a skirt suit that Alicia wears when she’s talking to Colin Sweeney that I call the “French Window” dress because the white stitching looks like a French window pane made out of a spider’s silk. Alicia is surprisingly more open-minded with Colin as opposed to their earlier scene in her guarded plaid.

By the end of the episode, Alicia’s sitting on her living room sofa having an emotional moment with her daughter Grace, while dressed in a cream cashmere sweater with ribbed front; Alicia looks comfortable instead of the high-fashion armor she wears to work.

A standout of the episode is Renata’s maroon halter bodice body-con dress with chiffon sleeves that she wears while making sexual expressions at Colin in court. It’s a dress that is pure sex, all tight and see-through, and perfect for an exhibitionist like Renata.

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